Lane Business Systems was born in 1985 as a business forms and computer supply company. In 2009, the original owner wanted to retire and approached Darrell and Esther Stepp; owners of Stepp Services, with a buyout proposition. This was a natural fit, because they were already servicing his largest toner customer and the original business model was followed until early 2014.

We wanted to expand LBS with a product line that would compliment Stepp Services, a full-scale document solutions company. After several months of research, we discovered a need in Central and Eastern North Carolina for a local choice in mailing solutions.

We had discussions with each mailing company, including Pitney Bowes and decided FP Mailing was best suited for our business model and absolutely the very best choice for our customers; from equipment to customer service and corporate attitude.

We’ve got you covered, two companies under one umbrella.

From document creation, workflow, and digital storage to mailing and shipping!